Leupold Bow Mounted Range Finder

Leupold Bow Mounted Range Finder

Leupold Vendetta

The Leupold Vendetta is one of the most innovative and useful products for archers that has hit the market in recently years.  Every bow hunter has struggled with distance estimation at one time or another, and may have very well missed a shot of a lifetime because of a slight miscalculation in range.  I’ve been there before, and would give anything to be able to take that shot over again.

The Vendetta solves this problem, even for game that is on the move and continually changing distance.  By calculating the incline or decline and exact distance to your target, you can be sure that you are laying the proper sight pin on the vitals before you pull the trigger on your release.  You can even range your target at full draw.  It works on both right and left handed bows, and adds just 10 ounces to your overall bow weight.

No visible laser is emitted, so you don’t need to worry about spooking your game.  You can get exact distance readings from 10 yards to 70 yards, so the Vendetta is ideal for crossbows too.

Vendetta Commercial

Watch this 30 second commercial to see the Leupold Vendetta in action.

The Leupold Vendetta is Simple to Set Up.

All of the required hardware is included.  You simply mount a couple of brackets to your bow sight bracket, and then mount and align to the Vendetta to the included ‘T bracket’.  These mounting brackets allow for horizontal and vertical movement of the Vendetta, to ensure that you have a clear line of sight to your sight pins.  You then route the wire to the pressure pad (power button) that activates the Vendetta down to your bow grip.  You then follow a simple process using an included alignment sheet to sync your 20 yard pin with the Vendetta’s laser.

The Vendetta is Easy to Use.

Once you have the Vendetta set up, using it is a piece of cake and becomes second nature to the shooter.
It is as easy as:

  1. Laying your 20 yard pin center mass on your target
  2. Depressing the pressure pad to active the Vendetta
  3. Reading the distance displayed on the Vendetta’s LED
  4. Switching to the proper distance sight pin to take your shot

Ranging a Moving Deer.

If you need to range a moving deer while at full draw, you can:

  1. Lay the 20 yard pin center mass on the deer
  2. Press and hold the pressure pad
  3. Follow the deer with your 20 yard pin for continual distance adjustments
  4. Switch to the correct distance pin before letting your arrow fly

Leupold Vendetta Specs

  • The dimensions are 3.8″ long by 2.8″ high by 1.3″ wide.  Compact so there is no obstruction.
  • The weight is 10 oz.  So you won’t be adding much overall weight to your bow.
  • 100% weatherproof to ensure protection from the harsh elements.
  • The display is a red LED that is illuminated for easy viewing in low light.
  • No visible laser when in use.  A visible laser can be activated only for setting up and calibrating the Vendetta.
  • It uses a CR2 battery that allows it to be operated approximately 3,000 times.
  • The range of operation is 10 yards to 70 yards, which makes the Vendetta excellent for crossbows too.
  • It carries a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from Leupold & Stevens.  This family owned company has been in business for over 100 years, so you know they will be there to back up their quality.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • You get the Vendetta itself
  • A CR2 battery
  • An instruction manual
  • An alignment aid – used for initially synchronizing with your bow sights
  • Two aluminum mounting brackets

What Else Will You Need?

You will need some camo cloth tape for taping down the wire and activation push pad to your bow riser and grip.  You don’t want any loose wires on your bow that could be caught by tree branches as you move through the woods.  By taping down these wires with camouflage tape, these wires will become one with your bow.  The Allen Company offers a 10 foot roll of 2 inch wide removable cloth tape for under $5.00.  This tape can also be used on the Vendetta itself.

Where is the Best Place to Purchase a Leupold Vendetta?

We recommend that you purchase your Leupold Vendetta from a trusted retailer.  The most trusted retailer on the Internet is Amazon.com.  They have some of the most aggressive pricing, and it is currently available at Amazon at over $50.oo less than BassPro.com.

Click the following link to see the current low price at Amazon:  Leupold Vendetta Price Check .

What Are People Saying About the Vendetta?

The Vendetta has received praise for ease of use, good performance, quality, and durability.  Most comments from Vendetta owners are positive, but there are a few negative comments but these typically are coming from those who use adjustable pin sights.

  • For example, “I use an HHA (adjustable pin sight) and woudl have to draw back twice, once to know the range, second time to dial in the yardage”.
    We would not recommend that you use the Vendetta on any sights that require you to dial in the range prior to taking your shot.  But the Vendetta works great for all of the fixed pin sights which are most commonly used by archers.
  • Another negative comment had to do with eligibility for the Pope and Young record books.  This is correct, as the Vendetta is an electronic device.  The use of electronic devices on your bow is not allowed for submission of deer to Pope and Young.  If you are the type of hunter that is chasing deer that may land you in the record books, then the Vendetta may not be for you.
  • “It adds weight to your bow…”

On the other hand, there are a number of positive comments that go right along with supporting the strengths of the Vendetta.

  • “I bought the Vendetta and love it.  I went on YouTube and watched the setup video.  Made it simple.”
  • “I finally received mine earlier this month after being on back order… It is awesome!”
  • “I got mine in June and I love it.  It only weights 10 oz, so anyone complaining about weight needs to take up golf.”

The Leupold Vendetta has gone a long way to solving two of the main problems that cause bow hunters to be unsuccessful in the field.  Those are incorrectly judging distance and excess movement associated with using hand held range finders.

  • Forget about the days of trying to use your hand held range finder to range 5 or 6 different trees that you think the deer may travel near.
  • Forget about trying to remember the distance to those trees, and second guessing yourself.
  • Forget about trying to keep your hand held range finder in your lap and having to reach for it to range an animal before your shot.
  • Forget about having your hand held range finder knock against your trees stand when you try to set it down, alerting your game to your presence.
  • Forget about guessing which sight pin you are going to shoot from.

Use a Leupold Vendetta and put meat in the freezer!