I was asked the other day if a Leupold Vendetta could be mounted to a crossbow.  The answer is “Yes, but do so at your own risk”.

I did some research and found several different references to the fact that you may void your Vendetta warranty by mounting it to a crossbow.  I don’t know the reasoning behind this, but suspect that it could be related to increased shock generated from some of these 150+ pound draw weights.

With the expense involved in purchasing a Leupold Vendetta, I don’t know too many people that would take the chance at not being able to get warranty service on it.  I’m not sure how Leupold would know that you used their Vendetta on a crossbow, unless you told them, but I feel that dishonesty brings about bad karma and it is just not worth it.

For those that want to take the chance, there used to be some Leupold Vendetta Crossbow Mounts for sale on eBAY.  I haven’t seen them out there for a while though.  You can see one in the YouTube video shown below.

I suspect that Leupold will be bringing a laser rangefinder for crossbows to market in the future.  With the popularity of the Vendetta and the growing popularity of crossbow hunting, it is a market that is untapped and ripe for someone to step into.  Another option would be for them to introduce a shock absorbing mount for the Vendetta.  If they went with a mount option for the Vendetta, it would need to allow for it to be mounted to the side of the scope.  This would allow you to aim at your target with your dominant eye, and read the distance with your non-dominant eye without pulling away from the scope.  Then it would just be a matter of closing your non-dominant eye, taking aim, and firing.  This is all purely speculation on my part and remains to be seen.

For now, your best option for a crossbow would be to stick with a traditional laser range finder, and use something like the Excalibur Crossbow Range Finder Mount. This allows you to mount your rangefinder directly on top of your scope.