The Bullseye Archery Rangefinder puts a unique twist on archery rangefinders. It is not a physical product that you would buy. It is actually a software program that allows you to make your own bracketing rangefinder for your bow sight.

They claim to be more accurate than other types of bracketing rangefinders, because each one is custom tailored to your based on your draw length. It will work with any bow, including compound, recurve, longbows, and crossbows.
If you hunt multiple species of game, then you can make a rangefinder with this program for any species that you hunt. They currently have 49 species of game in their program, and their newest version allows you to enter in your down game animals allowing for even further customization.

So how does this all work? Well, you buy the program and instantly download it. You then calibrate your printer by printing a calibration sheet, taking some measurements, and entering those measurements back into the program. This ensures that your rangefinder will print to the appropriate specifications. You then select the type of game that you will be hunting and wish to print out a custom rangefinder for.

If you have a color printer, then you can select the Color Coded Fill option. If you do not have a color printer, you can select the Color Coded Lines option, and a pattern of lines will be used instead of colors.

At full draw, you have someone measure the distance from your eye to the front side of your sight pin. This ensures that you are getting a bracketing rangefinder that is custom fit to your specific measurements. You enter this measurement back into the program in the appropriate box.

Then it is just a matter of specifying how you want your rangefinder to look. You check the boxes for the ranges that you want on your rangefinder. This can be from 10 to 60 yards in 10 yard increments. Select as many or as few as you wish, but you probably at least want the 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard ranges if you are a whitetail deer hunter. Then you select the colors for each range that you want to correspond to each of your sight pins. Most fiber optic sight pins are color coded and use different colors. I recommend using the same color for the rangefinder ranges that equate to the same color for each respective distance sight pin.

Then print out the bracketing rangefinder on the clear film ‘paper’ that is available at any office supply store, cut it out and attach it to your bow.

If you have never seen how a bracketing rangefinder works, then I recommend that you look at the picture below. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one explains it all. You just lay the bottom line on your game’s belly, check where on the scale the back of your game falls, and you will know the distance to your target. Then switch to the appropriate sight pin for that distance and cut your arrow loose. It is a simple concept, but very effective.

Bullseye Archery Rangefinder

Bullseye Archery Rangefinder