Bow Mounted Range FinderA bow mounted range finder solves two of the main issues that cause bow hunters to miss shooting opportunities or miss their shot all together.  They are:

  • Incorrectly estimating the distance to the target.
  • Movement that results in being spotted by your game.

Estimating distance to your target is critical for determining which sight pin to shoot from.  A small misjudgment in range, especially as the distance increases, can result in over shooting your target or under shooting your target.  On longer shots the arrow fall increases, and without proper distance estimation, your chance for success decreases.

Estimating the distance for a deer on the move becomes even more of a problem.

Many archers make use of hand held laser range finders to estimate the distance to their target.  The act of reaching for your range finder, bringing it to your eye, and setting it down again causes movement that may be detected by your game.  Once you have been detected, you had better shoot quickly or that shooting opportunity may be gone.

Bow mounted range finders maximize success by minimizing movement and allowing the shooter to know the exact distance to their target.  Armed with this knowledge, you can be certain that you are selecting the correct sight pin before you let your arrow fly.  You can be bringing home meat, instead of a sob story about that missed shot of a lifetime!

There are two kinds of bow mounted rangefinders that you can choose from; Electronic or Non-Electronic.




Leupold Vendetta Dead-On Rangefinder